About the Chaos Game
Chaos Game

Chaos Game

This project was created to test the experiment explained in Chaos Game - Numberphile .

The idea is as follow:

  • We start with 3 fixed points on a map, A, B, C
  • We add an dynamic "voyager" point
  • The voyager moves halfway between its current position and one of the fixed point (A, B, C) at random.

What we start noticing, is that there are several areas that the "voyager" point keeps avoiding. Eventually, we put a trail of all the points visited by the voyager point. We end up with an interesting pattern.

With this project, you can add and move points as you please. It doesn't get all that interesting with more than 4 points, but feel free to play around with it.

We didn't get to implement the last experiment in the video, but if you'd like us to try, feel free to drop us a comment!

You can email talk.to.the.brains@gmail.com or visit our Github page.